The Magic Behind

The real team behind eKids is far too big to list due to the input from all the lovely parents, teachers, kids and testers. Our passionate core team works closely with stakeholders from all sides of the industry to ensure the best possible product.

Artem Tolmachev

Visionary of automation. Bringing humanity a step closer to singularity.

Zachar Tolmachev

Marketing crusader, operations and evangelist of all things food.

Sunil Joshi

Full stack engineer with experience in most things visual. He loves trying out new techniques and finding the perfect solution for any kind of requirements.

Vincent Voorn

Super-Lawyer handling all legal issues, steering eKids in the right direction.

Pieter Aarts

CEO of Nedsense advising on expansion in US

Evert Karsten

All things financial, ex Banker @van Lanschot @ABN AMRO

Our Vision

Making the world a simpler place for daycares, parents, & teachers.

The world of daycare management is a challenging environment. There has been little technological innovation in the past decades which in turn fuels its complexity, the prevention of progress in flexibility, and the non-increasing quality of care.

NO LONGER must daycares, parents, and teachers feel alone in this cruel world. eKids is here to make changes that last. Changes that will simplify, make more flexible, and ease the hardships these stakeholders face every day.

Our Values

Be more than WOW

Be part of the family

Be professional

Our Culture


World: We intend to change how child care is managed, while using technology that is miles ahead of the rest, we strive to innovate while simplifying processes.

Company: We all think and act like owners, this way we realise the full potential of eKids.

Self: By demanding excellence of yourself, you will leave eKids a more capable person.

Every job is the most important job

Everyone has their capabilities that we value and respect and you are given a lot of independence, yet we remain constructive and helpful. It is important to highlight that everyone’s voice is heard.

Humour and united-ness with a touch of crazy

We’re a fun bunch, we also believe that the number 33 has magical properties, check with us for examples.

Join the family

At eKids we’re not so interested in whether your CV is long enough to be used as a cape. Bring your humor and wit with you to your interview, and you’re likely to go far.

We tend to like people who believe in our vision as much as we do, and will happily make small sacrifices as a result. We’re also suckers for a never-say-never attitude, because at the end of the day it’s hard to beat a team that keeps calm and carries on.

Also there might be an obstacle course + a 2 KM sprint course as a final test. Depending on skill level you might have to slay a dragon (could be on a nintendo… undecided). Still interested? Drop us a line.