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The easiest and most flexible
Daycare Administration Software

eKids allows for

Saving hours
of your time

eKids does all of your planning for you. Our superior UI allows the teachers and parents to take over the task of administration, freeing up valuable time and resources for everyone involved.

Increases in your
options & flexibility

By putting the power in the hands of teachers and parents, eKids can plan schedules and attendance perfectly. This allows for much greater flexibility, based on teacher contracts and children attending that week.

Seamless & easy
communication everywhere

eKids makes sure that everyone involved knows what’s happening around them. Everything that parents and teachers need to know can be shared right through the app.

Streamlined Operations

Unlike its competitors, eKids was built from a daycare’s perspective. As daycare owners during a tumultuous time in the industry, we needed something was very easy to use for parents, teachers and managers, but still automate enough of the process to cut significant costs. What we ended up building did exactly that, but so much more.

Our solution requires absolutely no training; all data can be imported with 1 click and you can get started in less than 5 minutes. eKids automatically, schedules, communicates, plans and invoices. By including parents and teachers in the equation, eKids allows for efficient communication between all stakeholders, it automates and auto-populates schedules, and much more. Our UI is so simple, even grandma and grandpa can use it without any explanations.

State of the Art

In order to make change, we believe adapting with progressive technologies is a must

eKids is being developed by experienced daycare professionals, teachers, top-notch software engineers and, of course, with parental guidance. By building a solid foundation in custom code developed specifically for eKids, the app is one of the most advanced, easy to use and sophisticated in its field.

We aim for optimal modularity and forward compatibility with web components in the front-end, and for scalability and simplicity with CouchDB in the back-end. Everything is using standards as much as possible, so our app will leverage any progress in the web ecosystem. We’re building a system that can evolve along with changing requirements of our customers.

If you’d like to know more about the eKids tech, simply contact us